The 2022
Batmasian Family Grant

contributing to the
growth of our community.

We are honored to present the 2022 Batmasian Family Grant in support of idea makers, creators, aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators in South Florida.

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In it's second year, the Batmasian Family Grant forges ahead on a mission to rebuild and support our local economy.

Apply Now Through June 30, 2022 for a chance to earn one of twelve grants to be issued in 2022 totaling

please read before completing the application

True to the purpose and mission of the Batmasian Family Grant to rebuild and grow small business and ideas, applicants agree to and must adhere to the grant guidelines.

rules & guidelines
for applying businesses

• Small Businesses applying for the grant are defined as having 100 or fewer full and part time employees, with 75% or more locally-based within the Palm Beach, Martin and Broward county region.
• Business must be legally registered and located within Broward, Palm Beach & Martin
Counties (Florida) only.
• Business must have been open and operating by January 1, 2022
• Business owner(s) must be US residents.
• Sole proprietors / single person operating businesses may also apply.
• Publicly traded companies may not apply.
• Limit 1 application per business. Multi-location businesses may only apply once for a single location within Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties (FL) with grant dollars allocated exclusively to the applying location. Multiple locations within the three counties will not be accepted as additional entries for the grant.

usage rules of
the batmasian
family grant
for applying businesses

Grant funds must exclusively be put toward one or more of the following: advertising, marketing, business supplies, inventory, talent retention and new employee acquisition, locally or American-sourced business supplies, operations, improvements, necessary maintenance or repairs. Grant funds are not applicable towards travel, entertainment or nonessential business expenses, personal expenses, or taxes (past / present) and may not be used towards the relocation of your business outside of Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties, Proof of usage of the awarded funds will be required within 90 days of receipt of the Batmasian Family Grant. Any usage that falls outside of the rules will result in a required refund of that portion of the grant funds, (and reallocated to an alternate finalist).
All information provided will be kept strictly confidential for the sole purpose of evaluating businesses for the Batmasian Family Grant. Information will be privately viewed by the professional panel of judges as part of the selection process. Interviews will be scheduled with top finalists.

The application period has ended

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